The Sniper Bot (AIO) All in One

You can try The Sniper Bot for 30-days free.
– Auto scan, list and sniping new high profitable tokens
– Set auto limit orders by price, profit or loss by %ROE

– Auto buy/sell and bypass antibot token contracts
– With trailing stop loss protect against scam tokens
– Sell tokens if contract owner trying to lock liq. pool
– Show and sniping trending token contracts instantly

The Sniper Bot works on Binance Smart Chain, Ethereum, Polygon, Fantom, Avalanche and more…

The Sniper Bot Welcome

The Sniper Bot ~ Game Changer!

Can’t catch launchpads? Do you want to make more profit by spending less time at the computer?

The Sniper Bot rewrites the rules of trading access to all features and swap exchanges is completely free for 30-days if you want to use it for a fee you can always ask your money back when you are not satisfied.

Similar bots are available on the market for $10,000 or more, while TheSniperBot is only $250 per month.

Frequently Asking Questions (FAQ)
This software, “pancakeswap sniper bot” which developers have been working on intensively, works as follows as the basic logic: The algorithm is connected to the Blockchain infrastructure. Then, all of the mempool and pending transactions are scanned within this infrastructure. The search continues until the liquidity add transaction for the token is found. When the correct transaction is found and matched, the transaction is completed within the framework of the rules determined by the bot owner for the order. After purchasing the bot software and connecting it to your wallet, you can complete the configurations and run the bot.

Of course, profit rates in the long and short term will vary. However, from a single transaction, the money you will earn in a period of 5-10 minutes can vary between 1000 and 5000 USD. This is a very high rate.

However, this tool uses open-source software to avoid this concern in any way. It is possible to easily follow how functions and orders are processed through open-source software. Note that misuse of the bot may cause you to take an action outside of your request. In order not to experience such a situation, you can browse the GUI file that will be sent to you with the bot.

The Basic version and the Plus version of this bot basically do the same thing. However, the Plus version promises 20 percent higher success in fulfilling the orders you set. As you know, about 20 percent of the projects that are on a listing day use anti-bot or anti-script software. Basic version software is not very good at fighting anti-bot software. Plus version can apply the same function even in such software. You can make your choice accordingly.

This bot stands out as a tool that has found a solution to the slippage problem with the Multi Sniper setting. This helps you have full control over the trading process.

You will be sent a GU and Installation instruction file that you can use for any problem you encounter while using the bot. It is possible to organize your transactions with the help of this. In addition, if there is a problem that you still can’t solve, you can join the Telegram channel where the tool owner is involved and you can contact the tool developer directly from there.

A Telegram account will also be shared with you when purchasing the bot through the official website. If you wish, you can follow the latest news by registering to this Telegram group and share your questions and problems about the bot.

Theoretically, there is no project where the bot is not valid. However, some projects may use anti-bot software on their listing day. In this case, we recommend that you purchase the Plus version to avoid problems. The Basic version can be a bit more vulnerable to fighting anti-scripts compared to the Plus version.

Certainly! If you buy the Plus version of the Tool, the GUI and Installation document and the Basic version will be sent along with the Plus version in the package. In this way, you will pay a single tool fee and purchase two different tools.

A setting called MinOutput is used to prevent the bot from making uncontrolled transactions and to prevent the price problem. Thanks to this setting, you determine at least how many tokens you want to buy with the budget you set. In this way, the token that comes at a higher price than you calculated is not purchased and the transaction is canceled. This is how secure trading is possible.

The bot uses a special setting called MinOutput to solve the slippage problem. With this setting, you tell the bot how many tokens to purchase with the budget you set. This setting actually allows you to determine at which price level the token can be purchased at the maximum, and after which price level it cannot be purchased. You can adjust the MinOutput setting, which is set to 0 by default, as you wish. For example, if you change this number to 100, you will say that at least 100 tokens will be purchased with the budget you have determined, otherwise, the transaction will end before the token is received.

The trading bot primarily connects to the Blockchain. To do this, it connects with Binance Smart Chain and uses endpoint nodes for this. Then it becomes easier to scan mempool and pending transactions in the network.

This offered bot works effectively on all tokens listed on Pancakeswap or Uniswap. If you want to work on the cryptocurrency listed on a different exchange, you may have to wait for the developer to release new versions.

No because our Sniper Bot is completely legal, you can use the tool with peace of mind. It is possible to say that the product was developed using open-source software to ensure that it is reliable. In this framework, you can see how wallet transactions are coded through open-source software. In addition, the tool also guarantees that the wallet information cannot be viewed by anyone.

All options such as Metamask or Trustwallet can be used with the cryptocurrency trading bot. However, according to the tool’s official website, using Metamask is more recommended than Trustwallet. Because Metamask wallets have a structure that facilitates the use of sniped tokens in financial transactions. You can also get a wallet and start transactions.

This bot software is written using Python, Javascript based technology and is completely open-source. You can review the software end-to-end to address your security concerns and then start using it.

Yed our sniper bot works by bypassing which tokens have Anti Bot systems that will be required deathbycaptcha credit.

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I was constantly missing the newly opened tokens and couldn't make automatic transactions. When the liquidity pools were full, I was late and lost money. Thanks to TheSniperBot, I am still in good spirits and I am still using the free version. As soon as my subscription ends, I will get a paid membership.
Jessica G.
Similar token sniper bots are sold at very expensive prices in the market, and generally, bot makers only use these bots themselves. Thank you to the developers of TheSniperBot. It's great to be able to use all bots with the free version, you can try it for free and make your decision.
Will B.
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